The Good Wives' Guide to True Crime

S3E4 Christian Longo Part 4- interview with Author Lena Derhally

May 18, 2022 Fancy Macelli, Christina Aliperti, Colleen McShane, Cajun Momma Tie, & Lena Derhally Season 3 Episode 4
The Good Wives' Guide to True Crime
S3E4 Christian Longo Part 4- interview with Author Lena Derhally
Show Notes

As we wrap up our series on Christian Longo we thought it would be a great idea to include the interview we did with the author of "My Daddy is a Hero", Lena Derhally. We taped this in 2021 but had not had a chance to release it yet. Originally we had planned to kick season 3 off with a series on Chris Watts but we just felt that case was well played out and picking a family annihilator that maybe not everyone knows about would be much more effective. So, while our chat with Lena does focus a lot on Chris much of what we talk about can be applied to these types of killers.

NOTE: Normally Cajun Momma Tie gives you a recipe and a French Word of the Day but she had a death in her family and was unable to do so in this series. She'll be back with it all when we start covering Diane Staudte in our next mini-series.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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