The Good Wives' Guide to True Crime

Gone Cold Series: The Pied Piper of Michigan: Oakland County Child Murders Episode 3

July 22, 2020 Fancy Macelli, Tori Johnson, Christina Aliperti & Colleen McShane Season 2 Episode 31
The Good Wives' Guide to True Crime
Gone Cold Series: The Pied Piper of Michigan: Oakland County Child Murders Episode 3
Show Notes

Like the Pied Piper, the Oakland County Child Killer or the Baby Sitter Killer lured at least 4 known children to their deaths. 2 girls 2 boys from 1976 through 1977 were kidnapped and murdered. The killer seemed to take great lengths to care for his victims, going so far as to press their clothes and stage the locations the children were found.

Today we dive a little bit further into the connection between a secluded island in Northern Michigan, called North Fox Island and The Oakland County Child Murders. During the seventies, North Fox Island was known as a quiet retreat, a private oasis, and a camp for boys. But what was it really?

To grab J. Reuben Appleman's book on the case go here: The Kill Jar and don't forget to check out his exclusive interview with us.

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